Hi, I've added the TV Movie "Two Of Us" to my website, under TV Shows.  It's a fictional account of what may have happened when Paul visited John in 1976. It's pretty cool.

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Anthony, Thanks so much for posting the TV Movie "Two Of Us" on your new site!! :-) I seen that movie when it was on TV and also rented it from Netflix on DVD a few times. I Really Enjoyed it! Since I don't have it on DVD I can watch it again!! Thanks!! And Thanks for posting the Information about the movie. I didn't know a couple of the facts about it, such as Michael Lindsay-Hogg, and Mark Stanfield. :-)
Thanks again for posting the movie!! :-)

Omg! Thanks Anthony! I remember seeing "Two Of Us" a long time ago on TV but couldn't remember the name of it! I used to watch it and "The Linda McCartney Story" & "In His Life: The John Lennon Story" on cable in the early 2000s. Great to see it again! Thanks again!!  :-)

I seen those too Sadie!!! Loved them!!! :-)
Anthony, thanks again for posting the TV Movie "Two Of Us" on your new site!! :-)

Glad you enjoyed them

Thanks Anthony!! Sure Did!
Have a Great Weekend!! :-)

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