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Thanks Beatlebob and Rocky Raccoon! I always thought "long" meant that too (a "longing" feeling) but then I saw an episode of the animated Beatles series and remember the cartoons sticking out their arms when that part of the song came on, which made me re-think what "long" really meant. I think the estate of Michael Jackson still does get some royalties from Beatles song usage (unfortunately) but so does Paul and Yoko too, right? No, I've never seen "Minions" but thanks for the recommendation! I definitely want to check that out now! And thanks for posting those two links, Rocky Raccoon! I'm dying to see Ron Howard's new Beatles documentary too! :-)

Minions? Never heard of that. No I "long to see it". :) Where I can find it?

Rocky Racoon said:

Thanks!  I totally agree with BeatleBob about the "longing-desired feeling.

Not sure if you ppl have seen Minions, but its all 60s music and there is even a scene when the minions come up from the drainage to Abbey Road and the boys are walking across which is too cool. During the credits they even play "Got to Get You into my Life". Do you all know if Michael Jackson's estate still gets credit for that. Wonder how all that business is going?


Thank you for the links & tips, Rocky Raccoon! :-)

Is it Minions the Ilumination? I found the trailler. But they don't show this precious moment in Abbey Road there.

I will see if I can put that short clip here, later today.

Wow, that is very good. Thanks a lot for trying and I hope it can be possible. If not, you tried! Very kind of you.

Rocky Racoon said:

I will see if I can put that short clip here, later today.

I got it done, but will put it out when the dvd comes out or it is available on Netflix, Direct TV,dvd, or whatever comes first. Its very cool. One thing I noticed right away is that the walking across the road is out of sequence. John is first-correct, Paul- incorrect, cause he is barefooted. then not quite so sure who is next in the movie. They do not show their faces. Soon i will place a link for utube.

Thanks to all :)

I still haven't seen the "Despicable Me" movies yet! "Minions" sounds great too!

I wanna watch it even more now that Rocky Racoon said it has Beatles references in it!


I haven't seen either of those movies yet either. I look forward to seeing them on Pay Per View, HBO, or Showtime, etc! I Look forward to seeing your Your Link when you place it on Youtube!!

Thanks for all the Information, Rocky Racoon!!  :-)

Thanks to all of you. Who can delete the directions on how to dl? not want anyone to get in trouble...if you know what i mean.

Super Thanks!

Rocky Racoon, You can delete the directions on how to dl.  ;-) When you log in You can Delete that whole entry. Just Click on the  x  at the top right corner of that entry and it will ask you if you want to delete it. Click yes.
Have a Good Weekend! :-)

To dig or to boycott the song "How Do You Sleep?" That is the question...

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