Animal poaching has gone out of control. Majestic creatures being butchered for personal gain or used for entertainment in circuses or made captive by zoos. They are often abused and kept in small cages.

Hundreds of elephants are killed by poachers every year just for their tusks.


Here are 7 ways you can help elephants now:

1. Support organizations working to protect habitat,  to stop illegal poaching and ivory trade, or building sanctuaries and other places for domesticated elephants to live freely, such as these.

2. Boycott organizations that exploit/abuse elephants for entertainment and profit.
Elephants do not belong in circus tents or zoos. Period.

3. Buy wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
The FSC promotes “environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests,” the elephant’s natural habitat!

4. Buy fair-trade, shade-grown coffee.
Commercial crops grown on plantations have decimated elephant habitats.

5. Don’t buy ivory!
Antique ivory can still be legally purchased and can be found in jewelry, pool cues and balls, dominoes, and piano keys.

6. Adopt an elephant at an animal sanctuary!
You can make a difference in the life of an elephant today by sponsoring or adopting an elephant who lives at an animal sanctuary (such as The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee).  Your donation and/or sponsorship helps to pay for food, shelter, and vet bills.

7. Talk about elephants!
Starting a conversation can get people thinking about a topic differently, and the more people who are aware of their plight, the more chance we have to help change it. Spread the word not only about why we should help, but how we can.

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Virginia Abreu de Paula, Thank You for sharing your thoughts with us! I Loved the part about all the animals! And Thank You! I wish your dreams come true too!! :-)

Hope for the future, my dear. :)

Have just noticed the guy called Mr. Frank has gone. Good.  Even so, as he may return, I have to warn all of you he is a spammer telling lies about a vast amount of money he wants to share.  He sent me a private e-mail but luckily I could see at once what kind of man he is. He is attacking in other sites as well. Maybe you noticed that and sent him away? 

Sad that Mr. Frank was a spammer. He attempted to join the site a few days ago too, but then he requested to join under a new name and filled in his page info saying Yellow Submarine was his favorite movie and George is his favorite book.

Virginia Abreu de Paula, YES, Hope For The Future!! :-)

I'm Glad Mr. Frank is Gone too!!!!!

BeatleGirl, Yes it's sad that Mr. Frank was a spammer!! And I know you got rid of a few other spammers on here as well!! WOW, he attempted to join the site a few days ago again and requested to join under a new name!! "George is his favorite BOOK."  LMAO!! ;-)

Sad that we get spammers here every once in a while!! :-(

They usually use the same kind of messages. Not hard to discover them. They try to make people get interested saying they found something different in our profile but they can't give details on the boards. Then they say it's our surname that is the same surname of a very rich man who died. They say they are bankers and need our bank account to deposit a very high amount of money. They are usually from Ghana or Nigeria.

Virginia Abreu de Paula, I agree! It's not hard to discover them!! And they almost always want to scam you out of money and they are usually from Ghana or Nigeria.

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