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Thanks for posting this!!! Love It!! :-)

  I saw that on Ringo's Twitter page and this:


Sadie! WOW!! I Love This One!! Rubber Soul Beatles Straight OUTTA Liverpool! So COOL!!
Thanks for posting this!!!!
Love the Ringo One and This One too!! :-)

Hear another one of Ringo's new songs from his new album, coming soon in September! 

I like it. It's country flavored like some of Ringo's early solo material and a few songs he did with The Beatles ("Act Naturally", "What Goes On", "Honey Don't", etc) 

I read this online:

Apparently Ringo was planning to record an entire country album, and “So Wrong For So Long” was the first song he wrote with Dave Stewart before heading to Nashville to record. But then Ringo was offered a deal by a big promoter to do another one of his famous All-Star tours, and the new album turned out to be more broader encompassing. “It was an offer I couldn’t resist,” Ringo told Billboard“That’s how I ended up making another album at home and writing all kinds of songs with all kinds of friends.”

It’s not that “So Wrong For So Long” is some lights-out amazing country song, but it is cool to hear the iconic voice of Ringo Starr sing a country-style tune drenched in twang. That’s the well-respected pedal steel guitar player Greg Leisz performing on the track.

Ringo’s recording engineer Bruce Sugar says, “It’s a good country song. It’s a little more traditional than what they’re doing now on the radio, but it’d be interesting to see if they’d play Ringo on country radio. They should. It’d be great if they did.”

Hey Sadie!!! Thanks So Much For Posting This!! I Really Enjoyed hearing “So Wrong For So Long”!! A Very old style country flavored tune!! It would be Great if they play it on country radio!! Yes, the song is country flavored like some of Ringo's early solo material!! And a few songs he did with The Beatles!! I Enjoyed listening and reading about this!! Thanks!!! :-)

Hey Beatlebob! You're welcome for sharing that song and some more information about Ringo's new upcoming album. Glad you enjoyed! Yet another new song has been leaked early! Enjoy!!! :-)

I am so excited for Ringo's new album on Friday the 15th! That day I will also be going to a Beatles tribute show at my local Opera House. There's a costume contest for the best 60s inspired outfit! I'm going to enter to win a gift card! I'll let you know how that goes! Have a good week everyone! :-) 

Hey Sadie! Thanks again for sharing that song and some more info about Ringo's new upcoming album!! I Really Enjoyed it!! Thanks for sharing yet another new song that has been leaked out early!! :-) I Loved "Standing Still"!!! And loved the slide guitar on it! Sounded Great!!! Thanks So Much!!! :-)

I'm Excited too for Ringo's new album on Friday the 15th!! That's Great that you'll be going to a Beatles tribute show at your local Opera House!! So Cool that there's a costume contest for the best 60's inspired outfit there too!! :-) Glad you're going to enter to win a gift card!!! BEST WISHES!! Let us know how that goes!!! Thanks!! You have a Good Week Too!! :-)

Thanks Beatlebob! I know I'm gonna love Ringo's new album because so far I've liked every song that's been leaked already from it! I am considering entering that costume contest. Whoever wears the most 60s looking outfit gets a $50 gift card but it's to use at the Opera House only. There will probably be some people with Sgt Pepper costumes etc that will win! But I can still enter just for fun! I'll let you know how that goes and the actual tribute concert itself! :-)

It is sad today, thinking of all the hurricanes and the anniversary of 9/11. I will probably watch The Concert For New York City later today. Paul's performance there was great! 

LOL! I thought those were funny, but I'm not poking fun at the disasters which are no laughing matter! Just a little something not to be taken too seriously. Just trying to brighten up the day! :-)

Have a good week everyone! :-)

You're Welcome Sadie!! I'm Sure I'll Love Ringo's New Album!! I liked every song so far that you posted here from the album too!! Thanks Again for doing that!! :-) You Should enter that costume contest!! Maybe you can put together some kind of Great 60's gear to wear!! Even if some people wear some Sgt Pepper costumes etc, you still May win? Either way, you can still just enter for Fun!! :-) Would be Great getting that $50 gift card!! Just let me know how that goes!! And how the actual tribute concert went to!! :-)

YES!! Was a SAD Day Yesterday, thinking of all the hurricanes and the anniversary of 9/11. :-( I Should have watched The Concert For New York City too!! Yes, Paul's performance there was great!! Love his song "Freedom"!

LOL!!!! Loved those pictures!!!! What's One thing you would save in a flood. I thought they were Funny too!!! Sure, I know what you mean!!! Just something to brighten up the day and not to be taken too seriously!! We always have to try some Humor in the face of Bad things that happen!! :-)

Have a Good Week Too!!! :-)

Hey Beatlebob! Have you heard Ringo's new album yet? I'm listening to it right now on Spotify and I love it! I like how he did some new versions of the songs "Back Off Boogaloo", "Don't Pass Me By", and "Photograph". My favorite new songs from it are the title track, "Give More Love", plus "We're On The Road Again" (featuring Paul McCartney!), "Speed Of Sound" and "So Wrong For So Long". It's fantastic!!! 

Paul played with special guest Bruce Springsteen on Friday at the Madison Square Garden! Cool!

Hey Sadie! No, I haven't heard Ringo's new album yet. :-( I don't belong to spotify. WOW!!! Thanks for posting the information about Those Songs!!! It Sounds like it's Fantastic!!!! Can't wait to listen to it!!!!! :-) And Thanks for posting the video of Paul at Madison Square Garden with special guest Bruce Springsteen!!! So COOL!!!!! :-)

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