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The City of Reykjavík has decided to light IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Ms. Yoko Ono’s birthday February 18th, 2012. http://IMAGINEPEACETOWER.com/ 


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Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoko_Ono

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Thanks for the Link Sadie!! :-)) It was an interesting read!!
I'm Glad they are friends now too!!! :-)

Happy Birthday to Yoko yesterday! She turned 81! :D Yayyy

Wow! 81? Go Yoko!!! :-)

Has anyone here read her new book called "Acorn"? I heard it's similar to "Grapefruit". Gotta check it out soon! :-)

WOW!! Nice Pics, BeatleGirl!!  :-)

YES, Wow, 81 years old!! Go Yoko!! :-)

If you check out "Acorn" let us know how it is!  :-)

A few more Pics:

Nice Photos of Yoko! :)

Bad Dancer

LOL I actually like that song! You people played it in the chatroom the other day and I've been hooked ever since! Yoko's still got it! :-D

Thanks BeatleGirl!! Glad you liked the photos!!  :-)

Thanks for sharing this video with us! :-)

Cool Video and Song!! Like Sadie said, Yoko's still got it! :-D

"Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain or negativity." -- Yoko Ono

5 Things Yoko Ono Knows For Sure
The artist, musician, and author—her book, An Invisible Flower, is in stores this month—talks about activism and self-expression.
Read more here: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Yoko-Ono-Interview-Yoko-Ono-Quotes?_esc...

Thanks for the Link BeatleGirl!! Yoko is such a Positive person!! I enjoyed reading the 5 Things Yoko Ono Knows For Sure!! :-)

I remember reading in a book (I think it was "John Lennon: The Life" by Phillip Norman) 

how he reportedly once told Yoko that one of the reasons why he liked her is because she looked like a "bloke in drag" to which she replied that he must be a "closet fag". Thought that was funny!

But, I do believe John was only kidding. And I also believe that he and Brian Epstein were just friends. :-)

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