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I'll have to ask my friend Mike about it, but he used to come over at least once a week & we'd have a Beatletastic time. Anyway, he brought over this movie once & I wish I remembered what it was called. It was all about their love affair & had this awkward sex scene of them in a bathtub together. I wouldn't care of it were true, of course, but the way that it went about in the film...it convinced me even moreso that nothing ever really happened. I don't know. I could totally see it happening too, but we shall never know. That silly thing that comes on television ("The Beatles' Biggest Secrets"...?) talks about John in a transexual threesome, if memory serves...I could see that happening too. I'm sure "Prellies" with booze could make you do all sorts of things, but John was crazy enough to do anything anyway on his own! That's why I love him so... <3

Wait: This may be it...?


Sadie said:

I remember reading in a book (I think it was "John Lennon: The Life" by Phillip Norman) 

how he reportedly once told Yoko that one of the reasons why he liked her is because she looked like a "bloke in drag" to which she replied that he must be a "closet fag". Thought that was funny!

But, I do believe John was only kidding. And I also believe that he and Brian Epstein were just friends. :-)

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