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The governor of Illinois declared yesterday "George Harrison Day" to honor his visit in 1963!


Picture of 113 McCann ST in Benton, former home of Louise  Harrison Caldwell,house where George Harrison stayed at in his first visit to America.

Design for historical marker in Benton.

So Cool they did that!! Thanks BeatleNut9!! :-)

We've been over at the Retro Sugar site. You should check it out when you have time!


Have a FAB Day!! :-)

My membership for Retro Sugar is pending approval! :D

It's approved! :) 

Paul has said that 'Yesterday' was about his mom. 

"'I realise now that 'Yesterday' is about my mum.'"

Glad you joined Retro Sugar BN9!!! :-D

WOW!!! I Didn't know that Yesterday was about Paul's Mom??

So Cool - BeatleGirl!! :-)

Thanks! I'm very excited about Retro Sugar <3

LOL! BeatleGirl, you just recently found out that "Martha My Dear" is about Paul's dog?!

Well, that's ok. Beatlebob said when he first heard it in the 60s he never knew it was about his dog either! LOL

I remember when I first heard it, I remembered Paul had a dog named Martha, but I wasn't sure if it was about her. I thought it would be silly to write a song about a dog (But if I'm not mistaken, I believe "Jet" is also about a dog or one of Paul's pets, too? lol!)

Then a Beatles book (I have no idea which one, as I've read hundreds) officially confirmed my idea. [This was over a decade ago, before I even really used the Internet. I got all my Beatles information from mostly books back then.]

BeatleLuvr13 did a really impressive cover of it in the chatroom once! I've always wanted to learn how to play that song on the piano/keyboard. :-)

BN9...You're Welcome! So Glad you joined Retro Sugar!  :-)

Sadie.....Jet was named after a Pony Paul & Linda had for the kids.  ;-)

Jet: Reviewers have reported that the subject of the song is McCartney's Labrador Retriever dog named "Jet". However, in a 2010 interview on the UK television channel ITV1 for the program Wings: Band on the Run (to promote the November 2010 CD/DVD re-release of the album) McCartney explained that Jet was the name of a pony he had owned.

 In Video see:  35:50 - 37:02

BB is correct! Even the Beatles Trivial Pursuit game says Jet was a dog, but Denny Laine himself told me/us at Beatlefest once that it was a horse & he knew for sure because he obviously knew the horse, LOL! :-)

I learned that it was actually Ringo who sang yellow submarine, NOT PAUL! *gasp*

I thought Ringo wrote it for Paul to sing...

Paul wrote it for Ringo to sing! It was based on an actual dream Paul had... :-)

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