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Dear Ba Come Out and Play

Many people people miss you!

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10 Reasons List - Why Ringo is the Greatest Drummer of all Time (no, really)


1.)  He has “Starr” in his name.

2).   Out of all the Beatles, he made the fewest errors during sessions.

3).  He managed to keep balance on his chair, even with his tremendous nose.

4).  On most Beatles movies, he took the lead roll (only one that had some acting talent).

5).  He dated some hot women.

6).  *Shrugs* Y-NOT

7).  He manages to keep looking bad ass with his sun glasses and beard.

8).  4 words…yellow, garden, octopus,…


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10 Reasons That Make You A True Beatles Fan (no particular order)

1). You actually believe Ringo Starr is the greatest drummer of all time.

2). You have 2 copies of the same Beatles' album.

3). You own more Beatles' shirts, than anything else in your wardrobe.

4). When watching the Magical Mystery Tour move, you’re shocked it did not win an Oscar.

5). Fist fight anyone who puts any other band other than the Beatles as the "Greatest Rock Band in…


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Rock and Roll is Dead – the 1960s edition.

I always found it fascinating learning the history of rock and roll between the mid 1950s to the early 1960s.  The most amazing thing about this time period was how fast rock and roll hit the entire world, but sadly, disappeared just as quickly.  There were many reasons why rock and roll went extinct in the early 1960s, here are some of them:

  • Elvis Presley: The “king” of rock and roll was drafted by the US military in 1958, making his record company re-packaged…

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The American Rivals to the Beatles - Warning its a long blog...

I have always been fascinated by the American musicians that came out of the 60s.  Obviously, the Beatles are in another level in talent, however there where many great bands from United States that in ways rivaled the Beatles in popularity and talent.  These bands might not have as been as consistent as the amazing Beatles, but did have a stretch of years where they competed favorably to the English band.


One no-brainer rival are the Beach Boys.  While much of their early…


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Jp's Song of the Week - All You Need Is Love

Hey everyone this is my first weekly edition of Jp's Song of the Week.  Through my Walrus music software I will put the Beatles on shuffle, and randomly pick one Beatles song to discuss on this thread

Luckily, the first song that was picked is “All You Need Is Love” from the Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack. 



“All You Need Is Love” was…


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Welcoming Beatlemaniacs! Join Beatles Abbey Road!


There are no birthdays today

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