Hey guys & girls!!!! I know how hard it can be to find "real" or "true" Beatles fans... so here's a quick guide to finding ones who are!

  • They have Beatles shirts for each day of the week!
  • Their 'About  Me' says "I Love The Beatles!"
  • On their wishlist, almost everything is a Beatles item!
  • They love quoting Beatles films and Beatles fan films and Beatles songs.
  • They have a cat or a dog (or pet) named after a Beatle or Beatle song.
  • They replaced their real names with a Beatley name for themselves!
  • Some of their travel destinations are London and Liverpool.
  • They have a replica of a Beatle bass or Beatle guitar or a set of Ludwig drums.
  • They have a secret, that's not-so-secret Beatles shrine in their bedroom, basement, or attic.
  • They can names songs from the Beatles Anthology albums without difficulty.
  • They have a Beatles blog, website, or fansite dedicated to The Beatles.
  • They have been to a Beatles/Paul/Ringo concert and say it was the best.
  • They are planning or already have a Beatles tattoo planted on them somewhere.
  • Their CD/Book/DVD collections are bombarded with Beatley goods!

Can you think of any more? What are some signs that can help you spot a true Beatles fan?

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