Back in Oct of 2007 Peter Best original drummer for the Beatles came to my little town here in nor-cal

I was excited because he played in my area back in 2002 but it happened to fall on the very day that my 2nd daughter was born. So my ticket went Anyway I was excited because i was finally gonna see up close a beatle and maybe meet him.. The place he was playing was just a little club .. I showed up and placed by back against the wall and was joined by only about 30 people total.. I could see that Petes band had a little bit of uneasiness  probably because of the low turnout, but still they charged on through the set of mostly Beatle numbers and other early rock covers. I being a professional musician by trade wanted to see for myself if Pete was a real drummer. To my amazement he kept up beat for beat with the other drummer. His brother Rogue was also playing drums..It was a crack show with great true to the song, singers and a on your feet feel.. Lots of energy and fun.. Macca should add more of those tunes to his shows.. Those early Beatle sets have lots of energy and are good clean fun..

As my professional opinion on his drumming.. Those Bealle recordings show the proof..Pete was a quick and clever drummer, but lacking in him was a straight ahead feel and steady meter.. Thats what was needed for in the songs the boys were writing at that time..Ringo isnt the most clever drummer and for what he lacks in he excelled in what the Beatles needed. .A simple drummer that keeps a steady beat is what they got from Ringo.. Ohh yeahh.. i met Pete and got his autograph..Nice guy.. He looked a bit nervous of me.. He did look me over as if I might be  Its a strange world out here..

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Comment by Sadie on September 28, 2012 at 8:04pm

Cool, I knew someone who met him once at the Abbey Road On The River festival in Kentucky, thanks for sharing your story. :)

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