Th day John Lennon passed and the 12 known music notes....

I was 13 yrs old and very much a Beatles fan.. Not totally obsessed with them because back in 1980 there was still a lot of great new fresh music on the airwaves.. Who would have known then that by 1988 all the great music was written and everything after that year was more sub-standard then what i was raised on. Dont get me wrong, good music been made since then, its just not as abundant as it was once. You can only rearrange 12 musical notes so many ways before all the best ways are used up.

 I was an average 9th grader just sitting alone at home on a Monday night watching Monday might football. (yes i just said Monday 2 times)  all of a sudden they announced that John Lennon had been shot.. I was thinking humm .. Not good.. Then a while later they announced that he indeed was gone..

As me just being a kid those days my thoughts were of a selfish nature. All i could think about was that there would never be a Beatles reunion. Beatles reunions speculation was huge in the pre-death years of John lennon.. The truth is a man had died that cold Dec Monday night .  The world just lost a once in a lifetime songwriter, his sons lost their Daddy forever.

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Comment by Annalina Lennon McCartney on September 16, 2012 at 1:42pm

Everytime it's mentioned that John died, it sends a shock to my heart. I just really can't believe someone who was as enigmatic as he was and cared about humanity was taken away from us by a mere gunshot.

After recently watching a documentary about the day John Lennon died, I still picture the way the doctor described holding John's heart and massaging it, in hope of saving it. He said it was a ... good ... heart. Indeed, John's heart was good.

It pains me to talk about anyone's death. Especially of someone who preached about peace, dying a violent, meticulously planned death. Whenever I think about it, I always wish there would have been a way he would have survived or that it never would have happened.

John Lennon's music with The Beatles played a crucial part of my teenage years and above. Anyone who tells me I should open my mind to something else should open theirs and know better.

Some say that was the day the music died and that everything just start falling apart after John's death.

All I can say is that there can be just so many ways one can express themselves whether through music, art, or words. It can be bad or good, but harming someone is just unacceptable. Not only did John Lennon's physical death affect his fans, but also his family. I think a little part of us who knew how great a man J.L. was died along with him. But it's that feeling of sadness or grief is what makes us all human... R.I.P. John Lennon .... I know his spirit watches over his family and is in the hearts of his fans. So he is forever living through his music, art, and in the legacy of what he has created.

Thanks for sharing this, Sgt Pepper Steak.

I think you were very lucky to be around, walking on the same earth as John Lennon, but at the same time, unfortunate that you witnessed that dreaded Monday Night football announcement confirming the death of one of the greatest songwriters and human idealists in history...

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