Hey all, this will be a log where I will post all the Beatles dreams I've had in the past. I will be listing them as I recall them. :-)


August 14 Friday - Paul McCartney was riding the bus with me. This was when he was in his 30s or 40s. We were both sitting in the back, and I was so excited seeing him there! Then, the bus tilted, but then he reached out, and I grabbed his hand before I slid away!

Then he told me, "It's not the first time I've saved ya!"


April 27 - I dreamt that I could fly just by jumping higher and higher. I went all over Europe, visited Liverpool, and saw the Beatles' childhood homes. The place looked deserted. I even saw a figure of Ringo with his camera sitting in front of his home.

April 18 - I dreamt about walking behind Paul and John. They were wearing long coats like in Live at the BBC. They sure were best of friends. Linda released an album in my dream And I was riding a Beatles roller coaster "Helter Skelter" ride. It was so colorful and magnificent!

April 14 - I had dream that we were at YouTube HQ and they were building concrete stages for bands to play on like, The Beatles. You were at the bar (Referring to Pepper)

Feb 19 - Paul McCartney concert I was playing bass and singing, and playing cello. I watched the concert. Beatles signing sticker tattoos.


November 26 - Paul McCartney, I hugged... Heather Mills? I caught Paul at a bridge. But was caught clinging to Heather Mills instead. Then I found Paul and hugged him too.

September 1 - I created a Yellow Submarine amusement park ride, and Ringo took a it for a ride! It was like a roller coaster ride!

August 31 - I was in an elementary school. After escaping the mean substitute teacher, I followed one of the girls, who was 7 years old, back to her home. She invited me over, and I met her brother and sister. Her sister happened to wear a Beatles shirt, and another one hanging. Her brother later made dinner and the package said BEATLES on it.

August 28 - I was at a Paul concert with Alyssabeth. We got lower leveled seats, and another guy was with us. Alyssabeth and I decided to go to the upper levels, and the other guy just slept in his seat. I then tried to climb up the ladder to see if there were any available seats that hadn't been taken.

August 23 - I was in an airplane, going to Europe. I was reseated near a window, and to my surprise, John Lennon was there! He was wearing his silver suit from A Hard Day's Night... He made jokes and smiled at me. :)

July 30 - I dreamt about Arthur, Paul's grandson. I happened to be in his school area of some sort, and I told him how I loved his granddad. He just nodded and let me take a picture with him. One of his schoolmates tried to join in the photo, but the picture-taker who I've now forgotten had trouble with taking the pictures. It took repeated snaps, until it was alright. I wasn't shy at all. We ended up in some school dormitory. The dream gets blurrier by now.

July 27 - Beatley Image that I've forgotten

July 9 - I kept repeating Ringo and Paul again and again in my head.

July 3 - I was in a hotel room with Paul after one of his concerts, giving him a back massage. All of a sudden the person massaging him wasn't me, but an 11 year old girl. He was furious that a fan would pretend to be a masseuse! Something like that...

June 14 - Paul while holding his Hofner bass guitar was opening little white boxes and guessing which songs that he played I liked the best. I picked one like "Things We Said Today"...

May 6 - I was trying to find a way back homeward, but I ended up in a town house. And when I broke into one of the houses there, after passing the livingroom, there Paul McCartney was with his grandchild, along with Mary and her husband. It was a small flat, and I was glad seeing them enjoying the evening together. I left for another home.

March 15/16 - I was in an apartment with a friend, showing him my media player. We were waiting for Ringo Starr! He was in the closet, perhaps looking for some colorful clothing to wear for his next show. I wanted my friend to meet Ringo! Note: This was current Ringo and for some reason I kind of felt like I knew him, and I wanted to introduce him to my friend.

January 27 - I was lost in a city, and I stumbled upon a bronze statue of John Lennon. He was with glasses and standing. So I posed with him and took some pictures. I wanted to continue on with the rest of my dream, but it was so hard to leave the scene.

January 23 - I remember very little, but I think it had to do with the poster of 'A Hard Day's Night'.

January 1 - Dreamt about George! Link to story of dream here.


November ?? - Dreamt about John.

October ?? - Dreamt about Paul.

August 20 - I was dreaming that John was driving a bus, and he told e to hop on! It was probably the Magical Mystery Tour bus!

April 6 - I was dreaming about Jane and Paul... or alternately! I was just too happy that I'm finally dreaming about them that I don't remember if there was even a story revolving around it.

February 18 - I was at a Paul concert in an auditorium, when the show looked like it was about to end I wished he would sing Yesterday, and he did! He started hugging young girls in the audience as he sang carrying his mic to his mouth, and when he got to me, the song ended, but I kept holding on as tight as I could to him. Then my friend asked for his autograph, and Paul signed it. I still had my arms wrapped around Paul as I told him how he's my FAVORITE IDOL EVER, also in The Beatles, and he told me "You're not the only girl who's said that" and so I kissed butt and agreed with him saying "Yeah, a lot of girls do think that!". We were going out of the auditorium which then the place started looking like a school hallway, then after about 7 minutes I let go of Paul and we were like in a Dean's office, where Paul sat down and started talking in Portuguese (lol) back and forth with the Dean and this other girl was just sitting there. Paul signed some papers, one in Portuguese, and the other in Russian. Then my friend entered with the autograph and started talking in Portuguese too! I didn't know what they were saying, but I wish I knew... Then I remembered to tell Paul my name because I forgot to mention it, so he could sign it... Then things went into a blur. The end.

January - I was in a school cafeteria when someone told that I was creative enough that I needed to draw Beatle art.




December - I was watching a Beatles cover band, and at the table near the stage was Paul peering from under it. I thought, "Why isn't Paul playing with them?"

October - I had a dream where Paul was right in front of me & we were having a conversation. Then after a while, Pepper, out of nowhere was in hysterics telling me to stop getting into his dream with Paul.
July- I can't believe that I really dreamt that just 2 Days before Paul announced his "On The Tour" run, that I was one of the crowd who was backstage trying to catch a concert where I took front row, then decided that second row was better! 2 days later, I found out he was coming to New York City to start off his "On the Run" tour! It was a sign! The weird thing about the dream was that he was singing "Biker like an Icon" on acoustic guitar. Not my favorite, to say the least, but it was great knowing he started the show in the auditorium with "Sgt. Pepper", and it felt almost like real life!



June - I dreamt that I was at a house party and Paul put his arm around me while we walked around like we were a couple. It felt wonderful!
In the house, in one of the darker rooms, Paul said something like, "Hey, George" but Paul was holding me so tight, I couldn't catch more than a glimpse.

January - I had an awful dream where Paul died in a car crash. I woke up Googling if this was true. It felt so real, and I was scared for him!




Maybe I'm Amazed Dream...

August 29 - Short Macca Concert Dream!

I had a dream again! About my favorite Beatle! Yay!

This is a modern day Paul and he actually FINALLY entered MY DREAM.

It's real short, and I don't really remember much of it, but here goes:

It seemed crowded like it was a small space of just random girls trying to get as much Macca as they could. I was one of them. I could see Paul just jamming out but PAYING ATTENTION to everyone in the crowd! He held their hands, waved at each other, and really interacted to the crowd. But I wanted *MY* turn, too! So I kept trying my best to catch his attention. Though when he went to my section of the crowd, he held hands with the girl in front of me! I don't remember if he and I ever shook hands with each other... It was real short, but I wish it was longer and had more time spent between me and him. ^_^ That's it.

Perhaps this is what inspired my dream: Paul McCartney *is* Accessible to fans :D

Also, I had a John dream just the other night entitled: John Lennon Designed The "Mona Lisa" Dream Check that out! :P

Will I dream about George and Ringo next? ^_^ That would be a dream!

August 25John Lennon Designed The "Mona Lisa" Dream

What does John Lennon and the Mona Lisa have to do with each other?

Well, this is my dream:

I was watching a youtube video entitled just that which shows a documentary about the items in John's home being of value. He himself said his house (estate) would cost about a third of its actual price in millions and didn't think of them as a high valued price as other people would. In my dream, I saw his drawings/lithographs and I wanted one. An image I had was how each household could have one John item from his house.

I still don't know the meaning of John Lennon designing the Mona Lisa.

Perhaps we have a clearer picture seeing this: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1080/1424098541_551bb0ac25.jpg


Analysis: Actually, maybe I was thinking of John's drawing of the 'Statue of Liberty' instead of the 'Mona Lisa'. http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/5696/draw10.jpg

And John talking about his estate being undervalued is actually a comparison in how he didn't think highly of himself: Voice, Songs, whatever else we could think of.

May - I had a beautiful dream that included me being in the scene of "Can't Buy Me Love", where I was running in the fields. Then, I saw John and Paul so clearly on benches in black and white, like I was taking a photoshoot with them.





April - I might have dreamed about being on the set of 'Cirque du Soleil' and I was an acrobat. xD


2005 - 2006 - 2007


2006/07 - I was on the grass and it was the cover of "All Things Must Pass"! It was so green and I saw little gnomes everywhere. George was on his seat. I found this incredible.

2006 - I dreamt that The Beatles! were having a concert on my bed. This was the first time I had a full-on Beatles dream that I remembered :-) It seemed like they were having a prehearsal? and I tried to run all the way to the stage.

2005 - I had a dream where I was in an apartment building (The Dakota, perhaps?) and when I was being told to go somewhere, a friend distracting me, I saw a figure from the window. It looked like John in the form of an angel... He was rising from below and floating upwards. It felt peaceful.


2004 - I dreamt that George was next to me in bed, and telling me on a different level of consciousness about spiritual beings and thoughts. It was very peaceful.


I really don't remember

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I enjoy reading about your Beatle dreams! Thanks for sharing!! :D

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When I saw Paul live on July 24, 2010 it felt like a dream, and still does. It was the best experience of my life and I can officially die happy now. <3

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