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Beatle Book!

Okay Ignore the Gay title for this I could not think of anything good. Okay so this is another one of those taking turn games where you make the next line game. Here is how you play The fist person will say a song title and then thee next person will say another and so on and so on, and the idea is to make a story out of it, and it has to make sense. You can add words, but make it limited! If this goest well we could try it using song lyrics! When you think the story is done put 'The End'…


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Post your Beatley drawings :)

Here is mine of Paul I have posted in BAR before, but this is for pepper~ :) 

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Watch Paul McCartney's Live Kisses on PBS. See more from…


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Til There Was You (A Beatle Fan Fic)

Skylar Blue sat at her bedside table with a headache from hell! Earlier in the day she was stupid enough to let herself get fired up over a dumb threat by one of the stupid asshole boys at her college, and she decided to prove the threat wrong! The threat being in she was short and could not even jump up and touch the basketball rim if she dreamed of it. Not that it was a big threat or anything she just hated being threatened by boys….especially stupid ones like Jordan Opella! It was true…


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I'm Only Sleeping (This will make you bawl or tear up a little BTW)

Okay! Hi all. This is a blog about John Lennon's death, but not. First let me make a statement....... I really think John knew he was going to die at 40 ( maybe not the exact age) and How.…


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