Skylar Blue sat at her bedside table with a headache from hell! Earlier in the day she was stupid enough to let herself get fired up over a dumb threat by one of the stupid asshole boys at her college, and she decided to prove the threat wrong! The threat being in she was short and could not even jump up and touch the basketball rim if she dreamed of it. Not that it was a big threat or anything she just hated being threatened by boys….especially stupid ones like Jordan Opella! It was true that she was short-5'1' but that's beside the point-and probably couldn't touch the rim but you just do not go there with Skylar Marie Blue! Alright, here is how shit went down!

"Alright numb nuts!" Sky hissed with her hands on her hips and a deadly look in her eyes "I'll show you here what I can do in my dreams especially for you!" Fuck! , She mentally slapped herself, could I say anything more stupid! I'm such a fool when it comes to playing it cool-haha that rhymes! WAIT WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING! OH GOD STOP SMILING LIKE AN IDIOT STOP IT! STOP IT!

"Oh….when it comes to me, huh?" Jordan had a stupid little smirk that Skylar just wanted to smack right of his lips. "So what kind of dream do you mean?"

Skylar was going to say something about him saying she couldn't touch the rim even in her dreams thing but hadn't her fat mouth done enough damage! So instead of embarrassing herself even more she went for it. She ran in a full sprint as fast as she could and leapt as high as she could! It played in slow motion she could see the look of what the fuck applied on everybody's faces until she felt her fingers swipe the metal above the nets! Then almost instantly a look of shock and awe applied to their faces, for even some of the leggy boys couldn't even do what she just did! For that split second Skylar had the greatest feel of glory…then as fast as it came as fast as it left when her legs swung out from under her and her head landed the jump!

"SHIT!" Skylar heard Jordan screech. Skylar couldn't tell if it was because he just got proven wrong by his ex- yes she knows how could she date an asshole like him- or over the sheer horror of it all! She took it as the first option when he stomped off leaving her there in the gym with a dizzy mind and an aching head! Skylar hopped up and immediately fell …repeatedly! All hope was lost until a man with fake black glasses connecting to as fake big nose and a fake mustache appeared! Under the glasses, nose, and mustache were dreamy chocolate hazel eyes, chubby red cheeks, and lush kissable semi-pouty lips! The man didn't speak but helped Skylar up, still holding a tight but gentle firm on her!

"Th-Th-Thank you!" Skylar finally managed to spit out! The mysterious man just seemed to nod and sort of motioned for her to lead the way to where ever her destination was. What is with this man! Why won't he talk, and why is he wearing all of this goofy stuff! Skylar thought to herself. Then she noticed the man was probably growing impatient so she managed to spit out where her car was parked!

The man, knowing she was out of it and couldn't possibly have driven herself home safely and also knowing that he knew nothing navigational in wherever he was and was still shocked on how he got here in the first place, just swooped her off her feet and went off to find a bus or something. Skylar was beginning to grow confused, even more than before, and just decided to go along with it. The man found a taxi and pulled out a wad of cash giving it to Skylar, figuring she would be more conscious when she arrived at her destination, and left. Skylar watched as the strange man mysteriously vanished-yes vanished- and figured she was still out of it. She noticed something strange about the money though, it contained wheat pennies-she knew all about these because she loved the 50's and 60's-and she decided to keep it, so she stuffed it in her pocket and just hopped out of the cab -she wasn't going to ride in a cab because she just couldn't leave her car! - And to her surprise she could walk again. Skylar stumbled over to her car and ended up in her nice warm bed ten minutes later.

Skylar couldn't take her mind off the man that helped her today….he just looked so familiar, but she couldn't wrap her mind around it. She felt that when the time came she would remember, so she decided to call it a night and play her favorite band, The Beatles. As the sweet melodies of "Yesterday" filled the air a bright light bulb attacked her… 

I'll update again either tomorrow or next week, or whenever I feel like it! It is already prewritten to chapter 10 on a beatle fanfic site. I just thought I should share my story on here too. :)

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