(This will make you bawl or tear up a little BTW)

Okay! Hi all. This is a blog about John Lennon's death, but not. First let me make a statement....... I really think John knew he was going to die at 40 ( maybe not the exact age) and How. SO this is blog is about if you agree or not, and kind of show what you know about the subject. Since I am starting this up, I'lll go first. 

I am going to start this blog off with the song "Come Together" we all know this song, and if you don't............. just............GET THE FUCK OUT!

OKay anyways, I know on the subject were talking about you guys are all thing about the line 'Shoot me' well that is part of this.......but there is more. For, the song is called come together, and in the song it says 'Come together....over me'...... Well I recall knowing that the beatles fought the're way out of the beatles, and continued to fight after that. Up until the death of John Lennon. It is almost as if John knew that when he died the other three were going to 'Come together' Over him. So when he said 'Shoot me" It's as if he was saying "Come on bitch shoot me! See what happens! Your ass will go to jail,!" and since he knew he was going to die he wrote come together as sort of a-this is hard to say-I don't know..... Kind of like a guidance thing for the rest of them. If that makes since. He is saying "Look I'm dead and my wish is that you Come together over me, please" and they did. Another little excerpt is 'One and One and One is three. Got to be good looking cause he is so hard to see.' That is basically saying okay well this one this one and this one have all come together,but where is the fourth one? He is good looking (as an angel, or superbeing if  you may) and he is so hard to see, like a ghost. So you kind of get the jist here? So yeah...... And sorry if its confusing. My mind is full of a whole bunch of crap, and it just flies in my head so fast sometimes I don't write what I think I am writing. Basically I can't type as fast as my thoughts want me to. So it really comes out confusing.

                                     Oh yeah back on the Come Together topic look at this picture! Look how peaceful he looks! Because he knows his friends are at peace now! 



               PS. You all know that Paul VS. Faul shit right? Well basically take most of the clues that Paul is dead, and rethink them to John knowing his death. I think you will find something peculiar!

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