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Again I remind you this was originally broadcast in 2010, that's why the Math is off.

Moving on to John Lennon in our remembrance of the lives of two men who were a part of something that probably will never happen again, the phenomenon that was the Beatles.

Dec. 8th is the anniversary of John's death.

I'll cherry pick some more from those delightful 1963 BBC Sessions, highlighting John, from Pop Go The Beatles.

There is a real fun moment in here…

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This was originally broadcast in 2010, that's why the Math is off.

I don't know why it took me so long to listen to the Beatles BBC Sessions.

Looking for a new approach for this remembrance of the deaths of George Harrison and John Lennon, I finally gave the BBC tapes a shot.

And these selections from 1963 are a JOY, a REVELATION!

Full of humor, they play so many both known and obscure old American Rock & Roll songs you can see how closely…

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It's another large portion of Songs The Beatles Gave Away.

Played in order of release, and this time from where we left off in 1964 thru 1969.

In those early days, this was done with the encouragement of the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein, as they supplied some of their songs to artists also managed by Epstein.

And usually they were friends with John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Artists began clamoring to secure original Lennon–McCartney songs,…

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney started writing songs together in the late 1950s and by 1963 were prolific composers.

There were primarily three categories of Beatle Songs that were written but not released by the Beatles:

Recordings by the Beatles that the group tried but ultimately decided not to release.

Lennon–McCartney songs that the Beatles deemed unsuitable for the group at the outset and did not even attempt to record themselves.

Songs that…

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Beatles Monthly Magazine 1963-1969

Beatles Monthly Book No.1 August 1963

JOHN­NY DEAN GIVES THE BACK­GROUND TO THE LAUNCH­ING OF THE BEA­TLES' OWN FAN MAG­AZINE The idea that the Bea­tles should have a mag­azine of their own first came to me when “Please Please Me”…


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Beatles Documentary by Ron Howard

Hello Beatle Fans,

Anyone know anything more about Ron Howard directing a Beatle documentary on their tour days? Check this out, if you have not already.

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Sitting On A Cornflake

I started a Beatles blog back in 2009, so if you want to see my entries, let me direct you to it:

Sitting On A Cornflake 

Added by BeatleNut9 on May 6, 2014 at 1:00pm — 6 Comments

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Paul News April 2014

Paul McCartney blocks auction.

Click Here to

What are your thoughts on this article? :-)

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Paul News (March 27, 2014)

Click Here

Elephant Sir Paul thought was rescued has been found...


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Welcome at my blog about fab 4  

blog is in polish, but you can write mail and comment in english (switch text blog to english too), R

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Beatles Hallucinations!

Have you ever seen a photo or a sign and had that split second of thinking "Omg, is that The BeaTles logo?!"

For example every time I look at a photo of anyone online, I check if they're wearing a Beatles shirt or I might think "Let me look closer! Is that... a poster of Help! in the background?" Sometimes, it IS! Either on facebook or on social sites, my Beatles hallucinations are actually real because there are so many Beatles fans, hardcore or not that may…


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Grey's Anatomy.....You Whu..?

So a couple months ago back on hulu I searched for A Hard Day's Night on the search thingy, and the results brought up two things..... One was THe original movie and the other was grey's anatomy episode titles "A Hard Day's Night'. Well at first I thought nothing of it I was just like hmm That's pretty cool. Well just now my brother was flipping through the recorded list in the DVR and (My parents watch a lot of grey's anatomy) There was an episode recorded on their titled "Things We Said…


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A personal perspective on Sir Paul McCartney

When one looks back at the Life of Paul one sees more than likely the greatest composer to ever walk the Earth. Yes its a bold statement but, its also a proven fact. His strongest work comes from the 60's and 70's era when his music was mostly driven about the good and positive things in Life. His music helped mold many adolescent human minds into maybe seeing a more positive outlook on life, love, and compassion. So much unlike the caged animal sounds of Rapp songs or the current…


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John Lennon, songwriting, and 72 thousand years later....

Anyone who truly knows John Lennon's entity of work knows that his music traverses all languages, religions and ethnicity. When i was a kid back n the mid 1970s  (many year ago I am 45 now) i used to

listen to the Red and Blue Greatest hits albums over and over ..... I have a nice memory of a spot on, " In my Life" where i would uncontrollably yawn (where the C major goes to the C minor). Its a vivid memory and i still do it at that particular spot. I know, that's weird!!! I cant…


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I met a Beatle

Back in Oct of 2007 Peter Best original drummer for the Beatles came to my little town here in nor-cal

I was excited because he played in my area back in 2002 but it happened to fall on the very day that my 2nd daughter was born. So my ticket went Anyway I was excited because i was finally gonna see up close a beatle and maybe meet him.. The place he was playing was just a little club .. I showed up and placed by back against the wall and was joined by only about 30 people…


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Beatle Book!

Okay Ignore the Gay title for this I could not think of anything good. Okay so this is another one of those taking turn games where you make the next line game. Here is how you play The fist person will say a song title and then thee next person will say another and so on and so on, and the idea is to make a story out of it, and it has to make sense. You can add words, but make it limited! If this goest well we could try it using song lyrics! When you think the story is done put 'The End'…


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Th day John Lennon passed and the 12 known music notes....

I was 13 yrs old and very much a Beatles fan.. Not totally obsessed with them because back in 1980 there was still a lot of great new fresh music on the airwaves.. Who would have known then that by 1988 all the great music was written and everything after that year was more sub-standard then what i was raised on. Dont get me wrong, good music been made since then, its just not as abundant as it was once. You can only rearrange 12 musical notes so many ways before all the best ways are used…


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Post your Beatley drawings :)

Here is mine of Paul I have posted in BAR before, but this is for pepper~ :) 

Added by BeatleLuvr13 on September 11, 2012 at 11:46pm — 9 Comments

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